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Amazon Jungle, Brazil Nature & Adventure Tour

Brazilian music, Latin dances, Native Indians, and tribal dances

Amazon Jungle Walk in Brazil.


Amazon Jungle Monkey in Brazil.

A walk through the jungle near tree top level.


Monkeys greet you on your walks.


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Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is very large. All of the major rivers and tributaries occupy an area nearly the same size as that of the United States. The basin of the Amazon River is the largest in the world. To see the Amazon Jungle we flew into Manaus, Brazil which is located in the Southern Hemisphere three degrees south of the equator. It is on the Negro River about ten miles (16 km) up river from where the Negro and Amazon Rivers meet. You might have heard of Manaus because of its famous nineteenth century opera house.

The Negro River is one of the most important tributaries of the Amazon River. Our ultimate destination was a special tree top hotel located about thirty-five miles (56 km) up the river form Manaus. This is near the Anavilhanas Archipelago which consists of 380 islands and is the largest fresh water archipelago in the world. Because the waters have high acidity there are no mosquitoes in the surrounding area, which makes it very nice for area tours. The Amazon fauna includes 250 types of mammals, 1,500 species of fish, and 1800 species of birds. There are exotic flora.

Amazon Jungle Tower in Brazil.


Parot in Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

Amazon Jungle Tower during dry season.


Parrot in Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

Tree top hotel

To get to the hotel from Manaus takes about two to three hours by regional boat. The entire hotel and walkways are built on stilts at tree top (canopy) level which provides special views of the jungle. The hotel buildings are round in shape and are constructed entirely of wood. On the walkways you encounter monkeys, birds, and possibly other wildlife. We were there during the dry season, and the water level was about 30 feet (9 m) lower than during the rainy season.

The hotel has more than 200 rooms all with private bathrooms and private verandas. There are two restaurants and two swimming pools all at canopy level in the trees. Folkloric presentations, lectures, and films are presented in the amphitheater. On one evening we saw a magnificent performance of a symphonic orchestra that came from Manaus. On another evening we were entertained with exciting dancing; the performers were dressed as Indians due to the influence of the local Indians and their heritage. The dancing was so infectious that many of the audience joined in. A fun time was had by all.

Indian in Amazon Jungle in Brazil.


Guide in Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

Indian musician and dancer in jungle at night.


Guide lecturing on Indian jungle survival techniques.

Area tours

The hotel has expert bilingual guides which are available for guided tours into the surrounding area. There are tours on bird watching, botany, anthropology, ecosystems, jungle survival techniques, trekking, and the history of the region. The tours can be hikes or canoe trips through the jungle. We went on a jungle hike to learn about the survival techniques of the native Indians. On a very special evening we were taken into the jungle at night to watch both men and women of a local Indian tribe do native dances. On another occasion we were taken by canoe into a river at night to look for caiman, which are relatives of alligators. It was all very interesting.

The jungle is a fascinating place which offers much natural beauty, abundant wildlife to see, many things to learn about, and a lot of excitement. A good way to experience all of this and still have comfortable accommodations is to stay in a tree top hotel. This is an example of soft adventure.

Star Dance Performer.


Dancers in Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

Star dance performer in Amazon Jungle show.


Brazilian dancers with an Indian styled show.

Photos by Sunny Breeding. We sell prints and images.