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Hungary Parliament on the Danube River.

Hungary Parliament on the Danube River at dusk.


Ten Outstanding Travel Experiences

I have chosen ten very special travel experiences that offer either great adventure, are off the beaten path, are in very attractive settings, or all of the above. Of the ten recommendations I have been to six of them with plans to see the other four. If you are looking for a new or different travel experience considexr the followng choices.

Northern Lights

Winter is the time to see the amazing northern lights. There are a number of choices where they can be seen on land including northern Canada, Iceland, and Scandinavia. In some places you can easily add winter activities like dog sledding, ice skating, and cross-country skiing.

Arctic and Antarctic Cruises

For real adventure you can cruise in Arctic waters to Iceland and Greenland. On shore excursions you see beautiful scenery including the always popular glaciers. On the opposite end of the world you can cruise to the continent of Antarctica. There you will likely see penguins, which are great fun to watch.

Canada by Train

During the summer months you can see Canada by escorted tours or by car on your own. But the most relaxing way to see Canada, especially the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains, is by train. You see the fabulous scenery from the train observation cars by day. You do not miss anything since you spend the nights in nice hotels rather then sleeping in cramped train cars.

Panda eating seen on shore excursion to the Panda House at the Chongqing City Zoo.

Panda eating seen on shore excursion to the Panda House at the Chongqing City Zoo, China.

River Cruises in Europe

One of the best ways to see some of the major cities in Europe is on a river cruise. There are numerous cruises in many rivers. One of our favorites includes Budapest (Hungary Parliament is shown in the picture at top of page), Vienna, and Prague, great cities to visit plus a lot more. There are links to the cruise.

Beautiful Ireland

There are a lot of great destinations in Europe. But no country is more beautiful than Ireland. A land tour will take you to many scenic vistas, especially the costal scenes. You will also enjoy their famous Irish pubs. We already have plans to visit this great destination.


China is one of the world’s most interesting and fun places to visit. Famous sights include the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, pandas (one is shown in the picture above), and the scenic southern landscape with numerous peaked karst limestone mountains rising from the ground. At the same time you learn about a fascinating culture different from the western world.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise and one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on our planet. The rain forests are filled with wildlife including four different kinds of monkeys (a white faced monkey is seen in the picture below), iguanas, tropical birds, and the amazing Jesus Christ lizards. There are many very attractive and distinctive Costa Rican resorts to spend time in.

White faced monkey in Corcovado National Park.

White faced monkey in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica.


Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle offers a tropical adventure where you see attractive scenery and wildlife. In some places you can meet native indians, which I did. They did tribal dances at midnight in the jungle! Very interesting.


See Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the famous Machu Picchu. Learn about the Incas and walk among the ruins of their ancient civilization.


Patagonia is the southern part of South America and spreads across Argentina and Chile. It includes the gorgeous Lake district (pictured below), Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, and the islands including Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America. Are you ready for an amazing adventure?

Why use a Travel Consultant?

That is a good question. The best answer is for the same reason you consult a CPA, lawyer, or physician: Expert Advice. The public does not have the experience to know which tour operators are the best. Tour operators are not all the same, and there are many I will not use. Further, some of the best tour operators do not sell to the public but only through travel agents. You learn through years of experience, in my case more than 22 years in the business. I know the best tour operators wherever you want to go in this world. We specialize in tours worldwide and small ship cruises. Please visit our web site, give us a call, send us an email, and make an appointment to visit our office.



Rebecca and Sunny at the summit of Cerro Otto mear Bariloche in Argentina.

Rebecca and Sunny at the summit of Cerro Otto near Bariloche in Patagonia, Argentina.

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Pictures taken by Sunny Breeding. Photo of us by Raquel Galindo, host and guide.


Please note that every effort is made to insure that the information reported is factual and correct. However, World Class Travel & Tours cannot be held responsible for any errors, and will correct any errors when brought to our attention.