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Terms and Conditions

General Statement

In selling or booking a tour, cruise, hotel, rental car, or other travel products, World Class Travel & Tours (hereinafter referred to as WCT&T) acts only in the capacity of an agent for a travel provider such as a tour operator, cruise line, or hotel operator, which makes all of the arrangements with travel suppliers for the services and accommodations listed in an itinerary.

The WCT&T's status as an agent means that it maintains no control of the operation, equipment, or personnel of any tour operator, cruise line, hotel operator, or other travel provider. Therefore, WCT&T can assume no responsibility for personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, or inconvenience or irregularity which may be occasioned by any of the following reasons:

  1. Any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of a tour operator, cruise line, hotel operator, or other travel provider.
  2. Any negligent, wrongful, or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any employer, employee, or independent contractor of the tour operator, cruise line, hotel operator, or other travel provider or their suppliers.
  3. Any negligent or wrongful acts or omissions on the part of any person not under the direct control and/or direction of WCT&T.

If the services and accommodations set forth in an itinerary cannot be supplied due to a delay or other causes beyond the control of WCT&T, then WCT&T will make its best efforts to work with the travel providers to supply comparable services and accommodations. If such services and accommodations cannot be provided due to the above reasons, or if the services are not used due to voluntary omissions by the client, refunds will not be granted by WCT&T. The WCT&T strongly recommends that clients protect their travel investments to the extent possible by purchasing travel insurance.

Travel Provider Terms and Conditions

Once purchased any refunds for travel are subject to the penalties established by tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, hotel operators, or other providers of travel. It is strongly recommended that clients become familiar with the terms and conditions of any travel provider from which services and accommodations will be or have been purchased by WCT&T.

Planning and Cancellation Fees

The WCT&T reserves the right to charge fees for the planning of travel, especially if the itinerary is complicated. The WCT&T also reserves the right to charge cancellation fees for the work involved in cancelling travel arrangements once they are booked.

Credit Card Payments

The WCT&T strongly recommends that a client purchase travel arrangements and accommodations, including deposit and other payments, through a credit card as opposed to cash or check. As a consumer, a client may have additional protection in the event of supplier default by charging the payments to a credit card rather than by paying for the travel arrangements and accommodations by cash or check. Personal checks are not accepted by WCT&T. Requesting the WCT&T to make payments for travel arrangements and accommodations, including the deposit, or the issuance and acceptance of the tickets and vouchers, shall indicate authorization for WCT&T to sign the client's name to credit card charge forms to pay for the travel purchased.

Travel Insurance

Once you purchase travel if a problem arises, such as a serious illness or a death in the family, causing you to cancel your trip you cannot expect to receive a refund from the providers of travel services. WCT&T highly recommend that you protect your travel investment, as we do, with travel insurance. Travel insurance coverage may include trip cancellation or interruption, trip delay, medical expense, medical evacuation and repatriation, lost baggage, baggage delay, and accidental death and dismemberment. To include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions it it necessary to purchase travel insurance within a time period, often two weeks, of when your initial deposit is made for travel. WCT&T offers travel insurance through a company that specializes in travel insurance and is independent of the tour operators, cruise lines, or other providers of travel services. We will be happy to make a recommendation. Contact WCT&T to purchase your travel protection plan.

Passports and Visas

Clients traveling outside of the United States may need a passport to enter a foreign country and also to reenter the United States. Some countries also require a visa. If a client is uncertain of the documentation which will be required for a trip, the WCT&T will advise a client of any requirements upon request. Also, if requested the WCT&T will explain the procedure for obtaining the documents that are necessary for travel. However, the WCT&T is not responsible for obtaining such documentation by virtue of booking a client's travel arrangements. A client is advised that it can take several months to obtain proper documents, and clients are advised to make their arrangements as soon as possible. The requirements for entering a foreign country maybe found at the web site of the U. S. Department of State. Click on the appropriate links for lots of useful information:

Additional information may be found at a web site of the Foreign Embassies of Washington, D.C:

If the traveler is not a citizen of the United States there may be other requirements for entering a foreign country.

Travel Related Health Issues

When traveling, especially to third-world countries or any unsafe regions in the world, the WCT&T strongly recommends that clients consult with their personal physician to determine if any medicines should be taken prior to, during, or after the trip. The client is also strongly advised to check for health updates prior to departure issued by the Center for Disease Control:

Also, clients are advised to check for advisories issued by the World Health Organization:

The purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended, as it may cover emergency medical expenses incurred as a result of sickness or injury during a trip. See Assumption of Risk below.

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel, including rafting trips, helicopter rides, safaris, scuba diving, and trips to rain forests, jungles, and volcanoes are examples of travel that involve risks and can require the traveler to be physically fit. See Assumption of Risk below.

Travel to Unsafe Regions

From time to time it may be unsafe to travel to some parts of the world. It is the responsibility of clients to be aware of the conditions in those parts of the world where they wish to travel. It is strongly recommended that clients check for advisories on travel issued by the U. S. State Department prior to travel:

Check also for more information offered by the British Foreign Ministry:

See Assumption of Risk below:

Assumption of Risk and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

As stated above, during travel clients can face certain risks and dangers in unsafe regions or in places where there are unsafe conditions. In certain regions of the world clients can face the hazards of traveling in politically unstable areas and the dangers of civil disturbances of war. Further, clients can experience the forces of nature, accidents, or illnesses when traveling. In remote places there may be no immediate access to medical facilities or the means of rapid evacuation or assistance.

The WCT&T can assume no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, damages, or losses in connection with travel by virtue of planning and booking a client's travel arrangements and accommodations. The clients must assume all risks and the possibility that unsafe conditions may arise when traveling. Clients must specifically agree to hold harmless the WCT&T, its owners and independent contractors, as a result of the inherent risks that may arise during travel. Asking the WCT&T to make payments for travel arrangements including the deposit, or the issuance and acceptance of the tickets and vouchers, constitutes acknowledgement of the risks that may arise when traveling and the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in this document

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